Seven two-dimensional torsos            
            pandemic-best wrinkles-in-time            
            Zoom across the Atlantic            
            stitch a poetry habit
One German, one Ukrainian, one Appalachian, and four Irish underpin
kinship in song and verse            

Ada out-of-tune with guitar, sings in-tune truth-telling tones,
two decades into living, war on her doorstep
Catherine sings laughter and penetrating heart-break,
mother of three teenagers—is there not a special god for this?  
John sings appoggiatura lands us in the heart of the matter:
Bah-gawk! Blessed is he amongst us woman
Mags sings slides, dips, growls loss and despair,
multi-instrumentalist songwriter, thieved against
Margaret sings for us to define which side we stand
with, seventy-year-old blue-scarfed freedom
Sue sings the subtleties of blue: bruised and battered
raised and redeemed, brain-injured brilliance
Pam, battle weary warrior, sings her nomadic color
stitches to Blue Mondays, the best kind of blue