Lemon-lime moon drifts on afternoon
clouds    rabbit sniffs clover white
on the outside    saffron on the inside  

impossible bee wafts between sunflower
& goldenrod    over moon dust yarrow
with aqua sky for ceiling  

old woman’s dress buzzes with ocherous
petals    begonia & marigold & hibiscus
their stems & sepals climb sleeves  

like jade flames sailing in a wild
blue yonder of smock    skirt waves
waist shallows    breast rapids  

collar whitecaps    as she cascades over
field    under crescent    step by step
until her shadow inundates landscape  

splashes onto bee & rabbit sending them
leaping & thrumming to amber hive    swarthy
warren while twilight powders hills  

with its crepuscular electricity.                      

~inspired by the art of Marie Carlson