Bobby Sue come home from the dance
with a torn dress–
the blue shiny one momma sewed her
by hand

Bobby Sue opened the door real quiet
and just stood there a minute
then looked up and seen me
and started walking toward the stairs
to go up to her room

“Momma, Bobby Sue is home”,
I yelled, and momma come in the room
Bobby Sue looked away from momma
Momma seen her torn dress
“What happened to your dress, Bobby Sue?”

Bobby Sue looked up at momma, and they
was tears in her eyes
Momma’s face turned plum red and she
slapped Bobby Sue right across the face
they was both quiet, then they fell into
each other’s arms, a cryin

My daddy come in, took one look, and said
“What happened?” Momma steps back,
and points to Bobby Sue’s dress
“Just look at your daughter’s dress.”
Daddy took the Lord’s Name in vain–
loudest i ever heered him do it

He left the room, still cussin,
and come back quick with 
his shotgun and a box of shells
Momma don’t say nothin
and Daddy leaves, slamming
that door behind him

Momma notices me standin 
in the living room and says,
“Get to bed. Right now.”
I don’t want to get smacked,
so I go on up to my room

Later on, I hear Bobby Sue
cryin in her room
I go and knock on her door,
but she don’t answer

Next mornin at breakfast,
I see Bobby Sue and Daddy ain’t there
“Sherman,” Momma says, “You will have
to tend the farm today.”

“Okay”, I says, and scoop up some more
eggs. “Everything okay, Momma?” 
and she says,
“You better eat all them eggs, boy.”