I am a walking Dissenting Opinion.
Living, breathing, seething.
Every day of my waking dissenting life,
I embody Your politics in my practice.
My practice of being Human.
My practice of making mistakes.
Your mistakes become my undoing.
Your laws on my Body.
Your lawful / unlawful / awful body of mistakes
retakes my Body, lifts it from me, red and bloodied.
This Body, read and right and so full of wrongs
to not be just mine any longer.
You hold it up to the world, unfurled, a decision made.
You gender it. You speak the black & the white of it.
The text of it. You bellow the subtext of it.
Bely the lies of it.
You proclaim it for me. You deem it Just.
Just what?
You Justices of Injustice.
You aren’t my gods.
You aren’t my Sacred.
I do not bow this Body to You.