I’ve done my fair share
Of listening to John Prine in the car
I’ve fought for Blaze Foley
To be considered one of the greats
Ramblin’ Jack Elliott covers “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right,”
And it makes me want to hear the real deal

My dark rooms are full of sun gleams 
Coming through the window
From the cracks in the blinds
Musty stories and cassette tape blues

The first time I heard Odetta,
My head exploded
Chills went through my entire body
And I felt Shaken
And happy

Bolts and washers used to surround the dirt floors of the garage
As I looked and looked for tiny scraps of the unbuilt
To put art on

Old transistor radios and CB’s followed the walls
And a welder screamed violence in the corner
Rusty metal poles supporting tables 
That hold tools and boxes of junk 
What can I bring back?