Pass around the giant Frisbee.

The flames from the metal fire pit
mesmerizing your eyes,
dragging you in like the witches spell.
The soot coming off as pieces
of ashen arithmetic homework.
The twenty o nine camera catching
this all like a fairy tail.

Pass it around. It’s your turn next—
What dirty hatred fills your heart tonight?
What things does your mind whisper
to the stars? What are you about to reveal?
Are your secrets kept in a cage?
Will your mind unlock it? Will the words
flow out like hot and heavy magma
into the ears of the friends who listen?

You twist your tongue, half baked lies
truth sprinkled like pollen.
Your hidden sneeze, a mind
searching for the black hooded
figures of revulsion.
Only to stumble upon those
fragments of conspired hell,
mutters of a death wish
you do not want to reveal.

Quickly pass the Frisbee,
let the tension seep away
like the smoke winding off the bonefire.
Then lock your heart again.
The hatred of a thousand pin needles
attacking your heart. With every cell
in your body fighting the truth.

     The same poeple who built
     your skin and mind, body and bones
     are the same ones who keep
     your rose blood boiling.

The frisbee is yours again
What will you reveal
The night darkens
Your lips part
and everything you are built of
everything that lies within you