I was born in a factory

On my moms lunch break

An hour later she was sent back to work

And I got placed in onboarding ,

Trained from the womb

Working to the tomb

My dad stopped by on his 15 minute breaks just to watch me work,

Running the line ,

With no time to fill my mind with who I am or who I want to be

I Let my feelings go on the conveyor belt

And I wonder where they could be.

I was born in a factory,

What did you expect from me?


I heard there’s a place called outside

Where you can be free and feel a breeze

But this sounds like a dream

To live how I want and to be me, but what would I do? What would I see? Would I take it all in or start organizing the trees? Cleaning the grass and counting the bees

What would I do,

How can one live without a boss to please?

What do you expect from me, I was born in a factory.