Stumble out of bed and follow fresh brewed MJB coffee wafting down the hall from the dining room table
Messy hair, sleepy eyes, I soft shuffle my way in slippered feet
Daddy smiles at the head of the table
Low lights gently warm the room with an early morning fresh start feel
Hush and safety hum, there are no words to say
I pour myself a cup of Joe and watch the morning ritual roll
Dad’s chunky coffee cup held firmly in his strong steady hands
A full cup of Joe, milk, sugar and post toasties still crunchy as they make their satisfying dive one spoonful at a time
Slices of Sweet Colombo French tanned to a golden brown
the oven door kept ajar to mind a watchful eye
Slice by slice each one pulled from the oven on a hot fly just in time
Stiff cubes of Challenge Butter patiently wait to pat each warmed face
Sweet morning ritual gently rocks us into a brand new day