Straight As
3 years of French 
Wanted to learn to windsurf
Dylan on 90210
Teen Spirit on my
Newly hairy armpits 
Hated showers after
Gym class 
Because I was the first
To have breasts and
Everyone wanted to see
Andrew chased us
Up the coast 

Brian died
Moved back to KY
Started over

My friends were all punks
Complete with leather
And foot high mohawks
They introduced me to
X and The Cramps 
Saw The Smithereens 
At Stakes Day at Red Mile
Loved graphic arts
Found Guns N’ Roses
On my own

Moved the next county over
Everyone else came
With Toyota 
Six years earlier 
saw Christian bands
In church basements 
Metallica at Rupp
L7 and Wool at Bogart’s 
Always wanted to go
To The Wrocklage
Or Lynaugh’s
Tornado on senior night 
Dyed my hair
Cardinal red
For graduation