She expels a gentle breath towards a pink plastic halo
the thin chemcial membrane stretches and envelops the breath
giving life to a plump and quivering orb.
it rises on a scorching wind and
helixes into the sky.
She, the Breath Mother, breaths in more deeply and
releases another powerful breath.
many orbs are born.
they rise quickly after their eldest sibling- all except the very final one
it is small. given life from the very last wisps of air drawn from Her lungs.
it turns to face its Mother
it is not yet ready to leave Her
the orb wants to land upon Her windchapped cheek 
right on the swell of her cheeckbone and
gaze at the sun awhile
the orb rejects the scorching wind and
instead, rides the faintest breeze to Her.
it gently lands on her cheeckbone 
(right below her eye)
“Hello, Mother. I am home,” the orb wishes to say, but it hasn’t the mouth for it
suddenly, the Breath Mother blinks.
Her eyelashes are like many knives
piercing the thin membrane of her youngest.
the orb pops.
the Breath Mother draws more air into Her lungs.
and up in the sky,
the orb’s breathren blow gently away on the scorching wind.