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Lexington Poetry Month
article by
Aaron Slatten

I bought the bunk bed so’s I could finally sleep on my own again
a handsome twin over full, like new from a highschool band sale
and for three nights now we’ve all slept on the top, the very top
it’s like
these darling angels cannot be denied
for threw nights now we’ve all been cherubim a little closer to Heaven
in our top bunk, sharing a cloud
I may still lose more sleep but think of all the things I’m saving…

4 responses to “bunkies”

  1. Aaron Slatten says:


  2. Teri Foltz says:

    Closrt to heaven in the top bunk…love that.
    Love the losing and saving in the last line
    Love this poem

  3. I’ve definitely felt these emotions. Good poem!

  4. Liz Prather says:

    think of all the things I’m saving – yes!!

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