Could it be the gossip in Llanwelly, started while Victoria was Queen and never really buried, was more than just a whale of a tale? Perhaps Sir John knew Maleva, socially and in another sense, when they were young, carefree, and, to be quite honest, quite careless. Thus, Bela and Larry were unknowingly half brothers, as well, at last, as half wolves.


It all becomes most

theatrically tragic

by the final reel.


Bela willfully but unwittingly kills the friend of the girlfriend of his separated kin, and tries then to dine not with but on said prodigal. Larry returns the favor, killing Maleva’s favorite son. This, after their old Mum told the American-raised bastard to beware of dangerous creatures, but before anybody has the bright thought to warn the women of moon-struck men.


Did she tell Sir John

of her condition, the child?

Was son-John murdered?

Watch the tree-rocking sequel,

“Who? What? When? Where? Why? And How?”


(after an unattributed 1890s photograph of a couple of Victorian or Romani travelers)