Ants on the counter
doing their thing
Marching me back
to Camp Whippoorwill

Sweet little Lily Bean’s 
bug on the table
Flabbergasted City Mom
cracks us up at dinner

Seven or Eight
They are small
Twin helmet heads 
climing walls

Tree lined nature walk
Happy faced caterpillar
bobbing in the trail, Hello!
My brave girl brings 
him to safety

Mothers and Daughters!
Welcome to 
Rosie Posie’s Noodle Pool
Fifteen noodles each now

Girl Scouts around the fire
Clapping, singing songs
Town and Country melting pot
S’mores in every paw

Activity overload
beaten, we bail
back to the campsite
To gather nuts for 
Fur friends

Nocturnal alien life
terrorizing tents
or is it just racoons?
Here is my hand,
let’s go back and see