I’d like a cup of social change
with the cacophony of voices
each being heard
and not just the ones
of Bureaucratic turds
served with a plate
of Justice for All
no matter the color of the skin
Or sexual preferences,
gender identity
Or financial solemnity
and for dessert
appreciation toward each soul
acceptance of the new
and not sticking to stigmatisms
of centuries-old idealisms.
No please, no thank you
nothing for your tip
except, this is how it should be?
so why isn’t it?

“It’s a tall order
not one man can fill
I’ll ponder on it, though,
as I ring up your Bill.”

Think too long
and Society will turn raw
rotten, spoiled
in the midst of political toil.
Add to the order
a side of empathic understanding
for you to see, where everyone’s standing.