Not getting enough sleep
has a weird way of becoming
too much sleep
when your deepest sleep is now synced
with your alarm clock.

                                                                   Got stuck-thunk-with the forklift-thunk-
with the bad-thunk-wheel. It’s-thunk-
gonna be a long-thunk-thunk-day, isn’t it?

The onboard logistics system
might be the most user-unfriendliest
I’ve ever encountered.
I can’t get anything done.

                                                                  Also, nodding off
                                                                  while the forks are going up
                                                                  is not ideal.

I’ve spilled a pallet from the top rack
twice now.
It’s not even first break yet.

                                                                 The boxes of trash bags
                                                                 hit the poured concrete floor
                                                                 like popcorn kernels.

The coffee beans erupt
in a hazelnut geyser.

And I think
                                                                  I’m going 
                            to take
                                                                                      an early break today.

Head for the break room.                                                 Grab a snack.
            Six-pack of doughnuts,                              and a Red Bull.
                         Take seat at a table, tear into the snack
                                              and glance at the news.

Seven shootings over the weekend.
At least eleven dead;
never to see Mondays again.
Numbers sure to grow.
Two of them graduation parties
and more horrific questions.

What is the future of this once-great nation?