I am writing
this poem because
I want a catalpa tree in it.

Not because 
catalpa trees are stunning—
with their immense twisty trunks and branches,
broad green leaves—heart-shaped,
clusters of white flowers with tiny orchid-like throats.

The Arbor Foundation says of catalpas:
“How could you not
to take it in.”

No, I want to put a 
catalpa tree
into this poem because of 
the sound it makes when you say it: 
catalpa tree.

Those hard sounds—that C that T that L—
Did I mention the dangling seed pods—smooth pale green
longer than a giant green bean?

Better than those long lengthy mysterious seed pods—
the popping sound of “pah” at the end,
only one vowel used 3 times, pronounced differently 
as the word moves forward to the right,
rather than moving upward toward th sky.

Ending with the earthy hum:  treeeeeee

Oh say it—slowly, whisper it—now, cut into it—be LOUD
Catalpa tree!