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Lexington Poetry Month
Celestial Bodies
article by
Jessica Swafford

When the stars are loud, 
there is no black sunshine –
only a black hole
that devours a star
and belches fire. 

(This poem arose from a combination of three things: a line from Misty Skaggs’s June 4th poem,  Jude McPherson’s pseudonym, and an article about black holes.) 

5 responses to “Celestial Bodies”

  1. Maggie Brewer says:

    I love everything about this!!

  2. Jim Lally says:

    enjoyed your poems this month
    the stars of poetry are loud
    and, like me, belch

  3. Linda Caldwell says:

    So good

  4. Edelweiss Meadows-Millstone says:

    Super poem!

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