This morning, I wake up, and I put on some chapstick,
Twelve flavors, three colors,
Some people wake up and choose between life and death
But my hardest decision this morning is what chapstick to wear,
I’m wearing bright colors, so a bright flavor,
I’m not going out, so not a color –
Unless, perhaps, that color would motivate me to be productive –
Oh no, but that’s silly,
I can’t believe this is my hardest decision today,
What about my flavor of coffee?
Nope – made by the time I awake – cinnamon, 
My outfit?
Planned the night before – flawless,
All I have to choose is my chapstick,

This evening, I’ll get in a car and drive,
I have no destination, I go where they tell me,
But this morning, I apply cherry chapstick,
The packaging matches the red on my shirt,
And the scent complements the sun outside,
Decision made, onto the next.