Got to leave for the meeting
at 9:45. Important people
coming to my house at 12:00.
Soup in the crockpot, check.
Salad stuff all cut up last night, check.
Got up early, check. 
List in my pocket, check.
Croutons, crusty bread,
a new cucumber to replace
the soggy one I cut up last night, check.
Made it to Walmart at 7:30.
Forgot to make iced tea.
Add that to list, check.
Grab all the stuff, check. Need to
get home, set the table with placemats,
cloth napkins, soup bowls, salad plates,
change clothes, do make-up
and be out the door at 9:45.
Got everything, check, Turn to run
out the door, check. The man I see
all the time looks at me.
Excuse me, he said.
The machine shows…
I forgot to pay!