Ron’s first day.

He cannot find me standing outside Starbucks
at Harrison & Dearborn.  I’ve talked with him three
times on the phone.  Directed him to where I am.

His black jeep passes me by – license matches
one on app – I run – traffic is rolling – catch
him – throw myself in the back.

You Ron, I ask?

        Yes, he giggles.

Odd I think.  He looks like a serial killer.  I find
out later he lives with his mother.  Norman Bates?

We head to the Hyatt on Wacker.  He mapping his phone
in his left hand, driving with his right.

Horns, think horns all the way.

          It’s my first day.  I don’t know Chicago yet.

Oh really, where you from, I ask?

          South Chicago but I’ve never driven in the city.

I get my phone out to map for him.  Ron does a couple
of big u-turns to put himself back on track.  I think where
are the police in this city?

We head underground.  No mapping here.

Ron gets in a left turn lane.

Don’t turn here Ron.  Cars honking right by my side.
Ron, you gotta’ use your blinker!

         Now where?  Do I go this way?  I sell life insurance,
         he giggles.  I just took a check to the grandmother
         of a gang member who got shot in his neighborhood.
         His grandma was real nice.  She walked me to my car
         with a meat cleaver in her hand.

Ron, you can pull over now.  Just pull to the curb.  I can take it from here.

          Ok, ma’am, will do.

I wish you all the luck with your driving Ron and this new job you have,
I tell him sincerely.

I walk a mile to my hotel gladly.

My Lyft app says my ride is $25.00.

I contest it.

Lyft replies:
‘It does seem your Lyft driver took a circuitous route to your destination.
We will refund $10.00′

Next time I might give Uber a shot.