It’s like I’ve been climbing this mountain

And I fell, and I’m not as far anymore


Laying on a ledge

I look around

The drops of dew on the trees sparkle

And the sun peaks around a cloud…

I can get up on my own

I just need some help,

A refill on water

Maybe an extra rope

Or another pair of boots

Because I’m not going back down

The peak goes farther than cloud 9

And I will get there

I have it in me

I am strong enough

No matter how long it takes

I just need to find my map,

Make a plan,

Tie my shoes,

And start going again.

Climbing my mountain,

Chasing my dreams,

Pushing past the limits,

Staying true to myself,

Striving for who I want to be,

And climbing while I still can.

“Chin up, charge the mountain”