The ugly black and white billboard

on the interstate


“I’m a child, not a choice.”


Wasting money  on a political billboard

instead of using it to help the needy

is a choice,

an unChrist-like choice.


Being hateful

and judgmental

to the LGBTQ+ community

instead of ministering to their needs

is a choice.


Prioritizing the well being of the unborn

over that of the

born and suffering

is a choice.


Being a voice of judgment

instead of a

voice of love

is a choice.


(The people with the “not perfect, just forgiven” bumper stickers

secretly think they actually are perfect.)


Ignoring the needs

and the humanity

of the mother

is a choice.


Enjoying the free will

God gave you

but denying it to others

is a choice.


Having no compassion

for victims of

rape and incest

is a choice.


Handing down

a life sentence

for both mother

and unwanted child

is a choice.

(Who wants to be born

to a mother

who doesn’t want them?)


Choosing not to support

mother or child is a choice.

Cutting maternity leave is a choice.

Getting rid of free lunches for children

is a choice.

Abolishing programs

that benefit children

(including the arts)

is a choice.


“pro lifers”

stop caring about the baby

the moment after delivery.

Apathy begins at birth.


They would stop being

“pro life”

if they could determine

the child’s


sexual orientation,


while still in the womb.

Then abortion would be fine

if the fetus

might be

gay or trans or bi.


Trying to legislate morality like the Pharisees

is a choice.


Hatred is a choice.

And so many so called christians

choose it every single day.