I read that a Japanese man killed his father with a chopstick
It don’t get more ironic
Chopsticks were inflicted by Confucius
The earliest known attempt at gun control
Wasn’t even guns – it was knives
Yet ingenuity triumphed
And dad is dead  

You’re not safe
Because you’ve banned that tool
Your government can’t protect you from me
Sitting right here, right now
I wiped out your bank account
And flew a store-bought drone over the game
Sprinkling Plague on your head  

Tomorrow, I’ll send tiny mouselike ‘bots
Skittering through the club
Armed with tiny needles of death
It might take twenty to kill you
So I’ll send one hundred

Soon, I’ll drop a few nanobots
To hide in your baseboard
Replicating until there are enough
To swarm over your sleeping baby laying in her bed  

But if I need a gun
I’ll just print one