The newspaper claims the lunatics
did celebrate in the usual manner

at the asylum down Fourth Street
behind towering iron filigree gates,

locked wards, and Flemish glass panel
windows distorting constellations unknown,

but bewildering a mind to contemplate
for days and nights and days on end.

With only a trace of snowfall,
but a significant chill, they did

enjoy and feast upon a regular holiday
dinner, all the delicacies and presents

of fruits, boxes from homes
and families forgotten, with gifts

of starched stark-white straight
jackets with shiny brass buckles

and fitted strong dresses of demure
sturdy fabric to parade at the annual

Christmas dance. And the lunatics,
or the majority at least, did appreciate,

for the most, what was done for them.
And all gentle souls could rest well.

(inspired by an article from the Lexington Morning Herald, 26 December 1902)