Set in all the majesty of royal castles. 
White wonderment in profusion, 
Shapes of animals, mountains, valleys, elders
With beards enough to engulf the world. 

So elegant and never  brought about 
With artist’s touch. A cloud is drawn 
 Simply by wind, air and nature’s plan. 

Why then such a bad rap, such ugly refrains: 
Dark cloud, clouded vision, behind a cloud,
Clouds of doom, thunder cloud, to cloud. 
We sing of the “unclouded day as if 
The majesty hanging there for heaven’s 
Bluest day could be some dreaded threat. 

Look with my eyes at the sky today
And  ask if those wafts and wisps 
Could possibly bring harm and storm. 
Then if not, come celebrate with me
The boundless joy of someday riding
Clouds over paths we only dare imagine.