I have so many tabs open
my head is spinning
Should I click on this one?
Close that one?
What happens if I need that page again
and I can’t find it?

But these aren’t tabs. 
These are irons in the fire 
and coals burning red hot — 
That I have to walk across 

What is it our grandparents used to say?
Up hill both ways in the snow…
That’s where we are now.
In the middle of a two-sided uphill climb
and it’s never gonna get easier

Unless we can flatten the curve
Into a straight line
Right down to zero.

Zero cases, zero unnecessary deaths, zero hate crimes
Zero bad cops, zero child molestors, zero politicians
ready for a blood sacrifice.

But there’s so many tabs 
Filled with ignorace 
and not the kind that brings bliss
But the kind that brings death 
and hatred and a quagmire of other problems.
And so few filled with love and compassion. 
We need to close a tab or two. 

But then what happens if we close the wrong one?
And we can’t find the page again?