10:32am late morning parade past our apartment
Coconut Rice Boys walk
arms crossed over hearts
two abreast in diagonal formation
one slightly in front of the other
lips pursed
minds floating far away
wind-up toys on a luncheon mission
Coconut Rice Boys fry some mean Burmese dishes
Cooks Extraordinaire at a small restaurant downtown
Yes a small restaurant with a permanent long line
Coconut Rice Boys fry fish and vegis in floating crimson hot chilies
pack the house every noon and evening

Coconut Fried Rice
Walnut Broccoli with Tofu ~ not too spicy
Fish Filet with Black Bean Sauce, red bell peppers & garlic
Mu Shu Vegetables with four pancakes & black bean paste
Topped off with Mango Lassi and 
two free
Tropical Fruit Custard Pudding Desserts

Joyce, our favorite waitress, calls out to us each time we come
“Oh, so happy see you, makes my heart so so happy ~ your regular order?”
“Yes Please!”
“I make best one for you!”

The deliciously artful Coconut Rice Boys and generous Joyce
never fail to please