Data overload. College brochures blanket my brain,
each a portal to a future both exciting and vague.
Gender-free dreams or ambitious major finds? Bustling cityscapes
or the quiet hum of a secluded campus, nestled in nature’s embrace?

Major mayhem. My mind flips through options like a restless deck of cards.
Archival achievements or something spontaneous?
Will these passions ignite, or flicker and fade into the background noise?
The pressure mounts, a decision that will shape the path ahead.

Financial whispers, a constant, chilling undercurrent.
The shadow of debt, a looming specter of the future.
Scholarships and grants, a lifeline thrown across the churning water,
but will they be enough to bridge the ever-widening gap?

Location’s siren song, a seductive melody.
Places far away hold an electric pulse, a symphony of possibilities.
Others hold the tranquility of nature’s embrace, a chance to breathe and reconnect.

Friends, family, the comforting weight of familiarity.
The fear of leaving, the sting of severing ties
Even if I’ve longed to sever some for years.

The perfect college, a mythical creature whispered about in hushed tones.
Does it even exist? A place that ticks every box, fulfills every dream?
A gender gaiety AND scholarly significance?
Freedom from fradulent politicians AND closeness to camaraderie?