Buzz the fall fly in my bonnet
Burr the chain saw feeding the smoke
Calming my own self as it all falls around me
Autumn’s come so settle down
We’ll be here now til winter

There are horses here
Penny, Nickels , Dime, Quarte, Half and Dollabill
A quiet place, worthless really
Eight thousand acres of nothing
On the corner of a pipeline and a dirt road

Place called Slick Rock
On the Dolores Sometimes River
Biggest noise we’ve heard yet
Gas line crew came through
With horses and riders, who knew

Nickels and Dime wanted to join them
I was tempted to allow it
But I kept them in the stall
I’ve known some horses
But these two are just flat out stupid

Penny is the biggest and the boss, a red mare
Quarte is dull and strong, eats a lot
Half and Dollabill are married
Now for awhile we have this ranch
We ride the gas line