Come take a nap under my period blood blanket. Share my secrets. Initiation || I wash it, I don’t mean it: to bleed myself to sleep || I don’t know why anymore, I can’t get anything out || No matter how I shout, it lays in this bed, like a patterned part of me, unruly|| In the morning, I barely make it, I’m late again. || I spend the day mourning your presence, but why? Full of regret, I practice my pride || This love is the pencil lead underneath || My nail bed, and there’s no way left || To write this down || You said your pain is precedence || drag me, a foster dog, a tired walk || You don’t notice I can’t keep up and || it chokes me || So I carry us both home || Put you to bed and put down my phone || too old to read stories for comfort || safe in my own sheets, my run away blood, safe from love|| I’m not sure what I thought this was || maybe just a girl dream.

It’s just March 1st I’m April’s fool again.
You never stayed long enough to sleep in.
I let it sink in my sheets, my pillows, my skin.
The difference in love and friend
is the rest you get
and what quantifies
a sleepover.

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