I look in the rear view mirror

On a warm, sunny day,

A perfect day,

I smile and feel real happiness

Life’s been good,


And then I feel the small flicker

In my heart, the hole that’s still there

I catch myself missing my sadness,

She’s comforting, familiar, warm


I find when I’m sad the world seems,

Not only more terrifying, and boring,

But beautiful, it confuses me

I envy myself in sadness


I realize we never really get over or move on

From the things that dug that hole

But we fill it with soil

And yellow tulips,

We water it with laughter,

And chase the sun to make the flowers grow


The hole will always be there

To run to or to run from

We can visit our sadness,

When need be

We can choose to sit and smell the flowers

Instead of digging a deeper hole

And jumping