Oh, so petite | Settle down | Sit still |Be quiet |Wait your turn |Don’t get dirty |Mind your manners | Little bites for little girls | Ask permission | Please and Thank you | Don’t be rude | Listen closely | Cross your legs | Act like a lady |Don’t interrupt |Lose some weight | Stand up straight | Your hair’s too short |Don’t be such a bitch |Smile | Smile | Smile |Shake your ass | Too much makeup | Wear some makeup | Open your legs | Open your mouth | Shut your mouth | You’re such a slut | Time to get married |Don’t be a tease |Don’t wait to have children | Don’t be a prude | Nurse the baby | Don’t breastfeed in public | Go back to work | Stay home with the kids | Don’t hover | Go gray | Ugh color that hair | You’re too old |You waited too long | You’re too weak | You’re too slow | It’s too late |What’s wrong with you | You were such a cute baby