Rarely do we ever meet a person
at a clean break in their story.

We are not the beginnings or ends of a book
but sometimes the chapters that create a conflict

often necessary for protagonistic growth
(because when do main characters ever run toward the danger?)

and the roles we play may be determined
solely on our goals and means to achieve them.

Are you a sidekick meant to fight alongside
the hero in challenges that litter their path?

Are you a love interest meant to stir up emotions
where previous hurts leave one closed off and jaded?

Or are you a villain who threatens peace in some way
intentionally or in careless, unconscientious acts?

Or do I maybe have it backwards?

Should I just be that good, easy to talk to friend 
comfortable enough to confide a little more in?

Am I a potential future component
to longheld dreams still needing assembly?

Or am I just another guy misreading signals
and now your afraid of breaking an innocent man’s heart?

The possibilities are truly endless, but chances are
nothing but good can come from carefully crafted friendship.

If you’re the hero, or I, or someone we’ve yet to meet,
I more than anything want for you, me, or them to succeed.

As for me and my life, whether you’re just a chapter,
the book, a sequel, or the rest of the series,
I am joyous to have you as part of this story.