Okay then,—the Donations are done,
but what about all this other stuff?
These questionable and maybe semi-sentimental looking things—
that exist in the margins——-literally in the margins everywhere??

Q. When did these “New” things become so old?

Q. Why are there so many things in the back of the closet and under the bed?

Q. I don’t remember owning these—are they even mine?
…I think that’s a sign, start a pile over there

Q. Where did this come from? Was it a disliked gift, or an odd inheritance?
…maybe that’s a big sign—into the pile

( You don’t have to keep things you don’t like—do I really have to tell you that?)

Q. Are these things old enough to be desired as vintage—do they have any worth?
…no and no. I think you know what to do

Q. Do any of these corded things with plugs still work?
(…You mean like these ancient party lights and outdated electronics)
…hummmm, I think you have your answer.

Q. What do I do with these things that are actually kind of cool.
…I can give them away—make another pile quickly

Q. And now these..Am I saving these for a “future me” or someone else I don’t know yet?

Hey—where’s the answer? This might be a turning point question. I am listening–tell me:

…Okay, okay, well, I am the “Future me” and upon closer inspection
I can honestly say that I don’t want these. There is no one
else I know who wants these. I would be impressing no one to
hold on to them. They are not useful in my art practice or
my daily life. And I am pretty sure that my grandsons,
when they grow up, will not want these either. 

Q. So why are these being kept?
…I usually tell myself—my parents were Depression Babies
saying things like — keep things just in case —- always good to have a spare
—- these never go out of style — its good to be prepared…etc…
And their voices are I my head.

Okay, I am interrupting this whole process right now!!!
Listen to what you just said—your parents would
tell you today that it is time to rethink
their century old advice…

Update your ideas about time and space and stuff
based on your now. See space
as the priority and not things in it
Be ruthless to achieve nothingness.
Remember— space is what you always say you want

Okay, okay, I get it, I don’t have any more time for
these questions or lectures!
I hope this is easier next time. Let’s get on with it.

…Garbage Day is Tuesday

(An idea for this poem was inspired by “MA ,The Japanese Concept of Space and Time”. It speaks of the role that space plays in support of our need to grow in life.
for more info: https://wawaza.com/blogs/when-less-is-more-japanese-concept-of-ma-minimalism-and-beyond/ )