Cool to Coquito to Croquette to Crumb

The cool-headed coolie and his ra-coon-
dog played cooncan at Coon Rapids.
Donned in coonskins, they sat under the contie 
next to a coop, with a cooper.
They spied a coot, ate a cooter,
watched a copperhead emerge from a copse,
coquet with a coquette, hidden by fronds of a coquito.  

The coolie and his ra-coon-dog jumped into a coracle,
placed a corban filled corabell
on the boat’s bottom, fished and caught a few corbinas,
congratulated each other cordially,
rowed to the bank, prepared a cornucopia,
seasoned with coriander, rolled in cornmeal,
mixed with Crenshaw, formed into croquettes.  

The two crouched at the fire, sharing crudités,
sipping wine from cruets, leisurely cruising
through the repast, leaving nary a crumb.