Fess Parker was Davy Crockett.
He was also Daniel Boone.
The characters he played were real people,
But Disney and NBC played to the American audience,
And the history became Hollywood folklore.

Coonskin caps were the trademarks of both characters.
With Parker playing them, Davy and “Dan’l” were almost interchangeable.

I was a Davy Crockett fan.
I knew the theme song, and I had the cap,
Along with the rifle, the 45 record and the towel.
The towel? Yes, there was a Davy Crockett towel.

According to the songs, Daniel “was fearless and as tough as a mighty oak tree,”
But Davy was “king of the wild frontier.”
I never had a Daniel Boone towel.
But it didn’t matter.
I had the cap.