It’s been a day and though nothing really terrible has happened I am drained.

I grab a small basket and step outside and into my garden, I know exactly what I need.

I go straight to the lemonbalm, picking a leaf and rubbing it in between my fingers letting that smell calm my frazzled nerves.

Just a few steps away and I am the mint patch. Just letting my hands move across the tops of the plants to release that aroma that instantly lifts my spirits.

I walk past the lavender and knowing I dont want it in my tea but I grab a leaf and bring it up to my nose, its floral scent one of my favorites.

I stop at the stevia plant, its the only herb in the garden that requires replanting every year and definetly worth the effort. One can never have enough sweetness in their life.

As I turn around looking to see if anything else is needed for my magical concoction I debate on whether I need to clip some wineberry leaves or maybe grab a few black raspberries to crush up. I decide sometimes less is more.

Now the kettle is whistling and put my herbs in the steeping basket pour in the water and wait. 

I pour the tea in a thrifted cup, the one I glued a glass ladybug onto because it makes me smile and I am ready. 

I close my eyes and take a sip. The stress of the day falling off of me and as the warm tea slides down my throat it also warms my soul.

Peace is not something that you can buy or even get from someone else. Peace is something you create, nurture and grow.