I found the Dayflower
at Whitewater Bay,
after the fire had
melted everything away

It was sitting there:
bright lavender and new,
and then it hummed
with a ghostly hue

I knelt as one does
for the dead,
and I reached out
with a slow dread

And that is when I
realized that the blue
was not left by you,
but by me,

That you are the grey
and that I am the sea—

You were nothing but a mirage,
a phantom face on an ethereal screen,
and now I know
that you were only looking for static,
with the sad girl living in an attic

I sat there for a very long time, 
listening to the waves whine,
the Dayflower by my side,
And waited to become something divine

The sea-foam swallowed me up
and I began to climb into the sky
If Sylvia could rise,
so will I.