I couldn’t help but think of you yesterday
as I listened to a TED-talk given by an astrophysicist. 
I know, I know–the proofs and the figures, the applause. 
I too grew tired 
because what common person can comprehend
a light year? 
I too felt compelled to go out
and sit under the stars and the full moon.
No harm in taking a brainbreak,
lying in the cool grass,
breathing starshine and moonlight.

But, here’s the thing:
the lecturer echoed your words.
We are electric.
We are all connected. 
We are each sacred.
We are star dust.

The iron that makes my blood red,
that makes your blood red,
and that has been in the blood of every human being ever
was born when our galaxy came into existence. 
When our bodies die,
the universe repurposes the iron
along with every single element.
We are limitless!

Whatsmore, astrophysicists’ instruments can capture
a single particle of light
in many places at the same time
making it possible that different versions of space and time exist all at once– 
all past/present/future versions of myself, yourself, 
every single person we have ever loved,

How indeed do we not drop to our knees
each morning 
in awe
at the perfect, profound miracle
that is a single leaf of grass?

Anyway, I write this letter to encourage you
to give the astronomer another chance.
After all these years, 
it appears science is on your side.

*Disclaimer: I am not a scientist nor a Whitman scholar, so apologies if I got any concepts wrong.