you didn’t want to meet my new cats maybe cause my dog always barked when you walked through the door
and my cat scratched you
people say animals always know
you didn’t want to meet my new cats maybe because they opened a new chapter in my life
and you stopped answering the month after,two weeks after my two cats died
i left some crystals with them i left a crystal with you and i don’t know if you ever cared if you don’t care even now
maybe you don’t like that my childhood bedroom is my adult bedroom and maybe you should have thought of that when i was 18
you don’t want me to meet your parents and i don’t want to meet them either
but it’s thanksgiving every time. do you have a girl you switch me out for? a girl they would prefer?
i’m never gonna see the tattoo you’ve said you’re “gonna get soon” for the last three years. maybe you’ll never get it or maybe it’s your “new cats”
i’m 50% sure you keep the things that remind you of me and i hope you do
and my favorite netflix show reminds me of You
i always try to cut the chord to set me free
but i don’t know if i can shake you sometimes i’m afraid you’re the only one for me