Okay first time driving on the highway so…

my vehicle is about twice as wide as yours but here we go and mirrors and we’re getting up to speed and merging and minding our lane lines and giving trucks extra room and one car length per ten miles per hour is a good rule of thumb to give please keep it below eighty honey okay now you’re in both lanes I know I can’t help gripping the door it’s an instinct yeah that warning light is telling you to consider taking a break because it can feel the car veering off and 

             back and you 

    jerking the steering wheel to 

                            correct that and oh-







slowwww it

down and 

here just

let me turn on these

hazard lights and 

I really should have checked the

radar I guess

yup it’s blinding water okay just

aim for the headlights in

front of us

yeah the sirens are scary but help is on the way

eyes forward cuz the wheel goes where you’re looking remember

no baby don’t just try you gotta do 

use the


Jesus honey

this must be THE longest stretch of I-75 without an exit in sight

oh praise

okay start looking to get in the off ramp

lane and

swing it into that parking spot

deep breaths

great job

trial by fire

let’s get out and I’m just gonna trade and give you a break.