Delicious is dangling ‘hot feet in a cool pool ~ ocean within earshot,
First sips of a thick banana coconut shake at Kilauea’s Banana Joe’s,

Delicious is landing in Lihue, off with mainland clothes 
on with dakine island shift & bamboo slippers,

Hamura’s here we come ~ deeeeeeeelicious is lilikoi chiffon pie
Walk in, screen door slam, worn wood threshold, seat at counter same as before,

“Aah, back for more, you know da kine, yeah Lilikoi!”

Delicious is ‘talk story’ ~ long time, slow time, hammock swing island time, take time eat pie time talk s’more story

Hamura gal shouts out, “Gev um hana hou (more) not pau (finished) already!”

“Yeah Bro, so ‘ono’ (delicious) don’t wanna get momona (fat) though,”
“No Bro, you no momona (fat) just good you be home . . .”

Kauai, same EZ, same ‘ono’ dat delicious da kine sweet island way . . .