wakes up every morning at the same time. She doesn’t
even have to set her alarm.  You can count on her like
that. She is always early to work. Exercises regularly,
even makes good food choices. Yep, she’s a devout 
water drinker. She spends her days helping others have
a good day. She tells decent jokes, dances frequently, is quick
to lend a hand. Dependable. Yes, you could say, Depression
is definitely dependable. Her house is tidy. She cares for the
yard, walks her dogs, even does her laundry weekly. She makes
it a point to check on friends regularly. Well, yes there are a few 
things she’s let slip over the past few years. Crying, laughing, 
anger, joy, feeling sad, you know, just the typical things. But she
does get her recommended eight hours each night. Says her prayers. 
Recites her gratitude list. All in all, Depression makes it all work  
the best she can. She’s dependable, like that.