The 5 wrinkles by your eyes

When you smile at something that genuinely

Made you laugh.


The one strand of hair that never stayed put

No matter how many times

You used my brush.


The empty carton of marlboro ice

That sat on my back porch

For 6 days, that you chose to throw away.


You not wanting to use a coozie

Because it feels weird against your hand.


You flipping over my pool float

Because you were tired of

Swimming all alone.


My favorite velvet scrunchie

You borrowed

And kept around your wrist

For 2 months.


The little eye roll you do

When you are unsure of your response.


The last lime white claw

That we argued over

And you eventually gave to me.


You singing along to a One Direction song

Then acting like you never heard it before

When you found out it was One Direction.


The android charger

Plugged into my living room outlet


The picture of you golfing

On your profile logged into

my youtube home screen.


When you grabbed me by the wrist

And kissed me goodnight

Just to stay an hour later.


You never using a straw

But always grabbing an extra one

For me.


The way you held my hand

Under the blanket,

And two times over it.


When you told me you would never be

One the guys you watched hurt me,

And I cried.


How you kissed me in 3 different ways.


How you held me in 2.


And how you talked to me in 1.


I can name every little detail about you,

Like they’re freckles on my skin,

And you couldn’t even remember

That you fell in love with me