sometimes dinner doesn’t turn out so well
a disappointment
yet there are worse things
much, much worse
but others are downplaying
offering good cheer as if it were Christmas time
hope, hope, there is so much hope
and I, quite honestly, do not accept that
because if all it took was a sprinkle of hope and a smile
well, the world would have changed more than a while ago
we are, in my opinion,
going to need a bit more than what we have come together and created
so pardon me if I am not one of those it’s going to be a good year after all types
lessons and change? at what cost is my question
I apparently utilize a different exchange rate when counting my blessings
sorry not sorry not sorry not sorry because I have nothing to be sorry about
some probably do yet don’t realize they are operating from a false dichotomy
what that means, I am uncertain but it sounds like an intelligent thing to say
therefore, I will invoke my reasoning
the world is completely on edge, teetering
between what, is dependent on your opinion
mine is that dinner didn’t turn out so well tonight
yet there are worse things