green block of Jell-O
shaking on styrofoam
men standing over you
heirs of your father’s house

feel the forked lightning
burning in rooted scars
PUNCH in your belly hard
CLAP of crashed cars

smell of gasped whisky breath
cold slap of rain squall
wails and  entreaties lost
This wind has heard it all

I will avenge you
I am the ozone
smell of electrical
fire in the engine wall

when the ghost shakes your head
you keep on shaking it
eggs of a grey tooth stare
skull split of spider legs

she of the razor blade
she of the naked arms
kissed by an ancient love
thoughtless of current harms

check by the blood pressure
check by the wheelchair
check ideations gone
check by the aftercare

green block of Jell-O
white bowl on orange tray
show them some gratitude
you’re going home today