beat the beat down put it on worldstar bruh
we went too far like after pearl harbor
wrapped up in our flag unfurl the ardor 
yo my word is product, yeah they’ll learn to laud us
father pardon me, got adam’s girl in the garden
apple of my eye, snakes slitherin 
sat up in the sky, paid dividends
the kids fiddlin, make em take ritalin
attention span straight killin em
the hooks i bait then reel em in
surfin on the soundwaves
workin with who’s round the way
can’t be loungin these days
gotta pounce on the bass
like a lion on a zebra
why you tryin to be caesar 
why you lyin to the people
down with the tyrants
lift up the upheaval 
hard to do it while i’m puffin on the cheeba
but fuck it’s regal when it’s bumpin through the speakers
now who’s not equal when you stumpin all ya teachers
now you humpin in the bleachers 
on a wednesday
live your life like you’re stuntin on the reaper
it ain’t a grim way
but feelin like a fucked up creature
grimace on my face 
a homeless man told me i’ll turn over a new leaf or
two, now give me some change
believe me dude
there’s a lotta fucked up shit that live in my brain 
he said see me through the pain
ain’t talkin bout a window cuz he ain’t got one
some things are that simple
random acts of kindness are my temple
keep ya head bowed 
remember for what you set out
but the paths keep divertin
and the past is uncertain
whitewashed history 
time lost in mystery
now ipods and misery
byproducts of trickery
buy products free delivery 
we too chicken spinnin on the rotisserie 
all our tax dollars spend it on artillery 
then they say it’s defendin our liberty
so the world we winnin and claimin victory?
see through that shit like listerine
keep it fresh 
be the best 
you can be
best believe 
with every breath 
a different destiny 
rest in peace