New Miracle Vitamin Discovered – Vitamin EZ  –  More energy than the Tasmanian Devil, hair like Rapunzel, strength of the Hulk, while remaining calm as Buddha.  All in one easy delicious gummy  (choose blackberry rapture  or tangerine paradise).  

Miracle MixAMix – Smoothies, mixed drinks, ice cream, soup.  The Miracle MixAMix does so much more.  Why pay for those pavers for the walkway or garden; now you can make your own.  Just add cement and a little water to the Miracle MixAMix.  Get our super duper brick shaper attachment and you can build your own house.  The blender that does it all.  

Miracle Anti-Aging Cream –  Unscented velvety lotion takes off anything on your face you don’t want there.  Lather the cream on at bedtime and leave overnight.  You will be amazed at whose face you wake up with in the morning.    

We turn off the television and walk outside  

The evening grass is cool and juicy beneath our bare feet  

Feathery breezes play with our souls  

Just days before, the lilacs sprouted green fists of promise
Today they smack us with their deep purple revelations
Scent a sweet coma  

The sun a fashion diva flaunting her colorful wardrobe
Along the sky’s blue-smothered runway  

In the distance children delight at their games  

Birds fuss and settle into their spectral night trees  

How awesome this world!  

(So, yes, I do.)