Do you see my face
Twisted quietly in fear
As you take me down
The highway at dusk
As the roads settle
Into nothing
And do you see
When I am lonely
And I start swirling 
Around you, trying
To say something insane
Enough to get you to
Notice me waiting
And do you see
The fear I hold searching
For what little you provide 
For home when I am in need
Of somewhere to ground myself
So I don’t float into the sun
Witless in restlessness
Do you see me linger
When the night falls hard
And tiny moths flood
The light at the windows
As my eyelids sink
But I don’t want to leave 
Idling behind your shoulder
Postponing the midnight
Dread I feel alone
Dread I feel moving too quick
Or when moving too slow
In sluggish humid summers
My wicked head hums like
A gleaming wasp on a finger
Trying to sink the venom
Through flesh
Fighting the hand of a ghost
Fighting a plot line and a
Mirror made in the rain puddles
Reflected on the road 
As the sun rises like a red sting
Into weary reddened eyes
Fighting the undertow of cars
And the shake in my hands
I know you do not have
Do you see me watching you
Dissapointed that you and I
Don’t see the same
Discomfort in silence