Once, just once
did I have a blind date with you.
We flirted some,
and then you left –
I must have disappointed you,
perhaps you found me
unprepared …  

The thought of you
hits me at night
as I wake up, all in sweat,
and fantasize about your touch,
what it would be like
to be in your notorious embrace.  

you walk past me
only to choose someone else –
prettier and younger –
leaving me jealous …  

What is it about them
that attracts you?
What is it about me
you don’t like?  

Sooner or later
you’ll notice me again, I know,
but when?
I’m so curious
and so excited…  

you’ll take me tenderly
and painlessly
and you won’t hurt me,
will you,  


                             Zlatna Kostova